"Everything I know today, I know because I was once wrong about it, and then learned something new. I will absolutely, and with certainty, be wrong again."

Austin Ernesti is the  Chief Executive Officer, and founder, of Trajectory. He sees that changes are constant throughout history, which implies there will be changes in the future; proven knowledge can be integrated with new technologies, ancient techniques, and multi-cultural cooperation. He believes that future generations will need sustainable resource management as the world's needs are drastically shifting. He is also an Army Combat Veteran with a M.A. from Johns Hopkins, a brilliant and supportive wife, and two tenacious children. 

“Quote coming soon”

Michael O'Malley Is the current President of Trajectory and owner of O'Malley Bros Corporation. He was born and raised in Sandy. 5 out of the 6 kids in his family became entrepreneurs, and they all learned how from their parents, prominent business people in Sandy during the 70’s. His dad was a Carpenter/Real Estate Agent and his mom owned the Salon in town.

While his Grandpa worked most his life in the woods, interestingly enough, Mike did not grow up in the industry. He fell in love with the logging community through heavy trucking, at one point with 15 log trucks running almost daily, hauling a large percentage of all Clackamas County logs. He gained a reputation for "getting the job done" no matter the situation, a strength he now brings to Trajectory.

Mike's love of the woods developed through thousands of off road hours and miles moving gear, and the occasional running a shovel buncher or  processor. He is overtly committed to educating and sharing the value of his industry with the next generation because, "We dropped the ball; Kids just don't know anymore."

““The best way to support an industry that supports you is to mentor the next generation of industry professionals.”

JR Hendershott,Vice President, is Manager of Forest Products and Development at Peterson Cat, the Northwest dealer for Caterpillar products. JR has worked in the Forest Equipment Industry for 27 years; the Timber Industry has supported his family for two generations. He enjoys supporting loggers and contractors’ equipment/product support needs as well as helping manufacturers build the next generation of forest machines. With Trajectory he is looking towards the future, helping to mentor the next generation of loggers and equipment specialists. JR, his wife Jodi, son Jared and daughter Jadelyn live on a small Christmas Tree Farm in Boring, Oregon that they have operated for the past 12 years.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! (Phil. 4:13)"

Andrew Sloan graduated college in 2005 and then realized he wanted to be outside working with his hands.  He has been logging for the last 15 years and feels there is a need to inform high school graduates on opportunities other than college.  He has a wife and two kids that keep him pretty busy outside of logging. You can probably see them at any number of community functions, kids sports, church events, and a whole lot more... and that's besides the regular work. Busy indeed!

"Hate is a learned is natural"

Erich Feltz is a 4th generation Oregonian who has spent the majority of his adulthood working in the field of education. Most of that time was spent at the middle school level, but fate has thrown him a bone, and he is extremely happy to be working in a 2nd classroom at Nass Elementary. It's those "ah-ha" moments that fuel his passion for making a difference in student's lives. Erich experienced his own "ah-ha" moment when he met Austin Ernesti and learned about the history, current issues, and possible future of the Forest Industry in Oregon. Erich now plans to take his passion in the classroom and put it to good use for the Sandy Community. 

“The earth has music for those who listen.” -Shakespeare

Christine Johnson , former president, is a local consulting arborist based in Clackamas, Oregon. She loves trees and believes they are an essential part of a community’s identity. Christine earned her master’s degree in Forest Ecosystems and Society from Oregon State University in 2017 where she studied green infrastructure in rural Oregon communities. Trajectory combines her passion for the forest with her admiration for education. In her free time, she likes spending time outside gardening, playing construction with her son, walking her dog, and trying to find the best pizza in Oregon with her husband.

"Always leave things better than you found them... especially people." 

Valerie Salazar  is one of the founding members, and first president, of Trajectory and still consults the board on its actions. She has been working in the field of youth development for many years serving as a champion for young people and their families. She established workforce development programs and taught life skills and financial literacy, while supporting internal asset building with a focus of internal/external stability. Valerie believes it is important to provide a solid perspective on the importance of culture and the value of equity and inclusion; and has extensive experience in high risk and vulnerable youth outreach and crisis de-escalation, including sex trafficking, gang outreach, homelessness, LGBTQIA+, communities of color, and foster care.  

     As Director of Youth, Family & Community Relations, Valerie is an advocate for community partnerships and positive youth development experiences. She sits on the Board of Directors for the Sandy Chamber of Commerce. Today you can find her at her own consulting firm, Upwardpath Consulting.