"Trajectory is an amazing organization that has created a fabulous learning opportunity for our students. Many students at Heron Creek have learning disabilities and lagging skills that make school a challenge. Students do not often see themselves as moving on to college and are at a loss to find a job that fits them. They often do not see the point of school and are at risk for dropping out and not getting a high school diploma.  By creating hands-on learning opportunities and connecting students to resources in various employment fields, our students have begun to envision futures for themselves where they are able to reach their goals. They are excited and engaged and eager to learn more. I can not emphasize enough how important this experience has been to our students. It is literally life-changing for some of them!"

-Casey Krieg, LCSW

Social Skills Specialist, Heron Creek

Clackamas Educational Service District

Trajectory coordinates presentations with Industry Partners for both Stand Alone and 2 Month Series including Speakers, Hands on Activities, and Field Trips.

    We have an evolving understanding of the world and its forests. As we continually seek to discover more sustainable ways of preserving, interacting with, and using our greatest renewable resource, it is important to include a multitude of voices and philosophies. There is no one “absolute” way or perspective.

     Due to this ongoing discourse, Trajectory currently looks to many different experts in sourcing its data and information. Below, we have linked several organizations we believe are worthy of consideration. The first of which is the Program of Study for Agriculture and Forestry from the Oregon Department of Education:

Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Systems

     In the future: Trajectory looks to create its own educational resources but currently relies on existing experts for materials at this time. Below are sites we currently take information from.

 *Sites are for sources only and are not affiliated with Trajectory.