Oregon has a long history of Forest Management from many different perspectives.

Traditional Ecological Knowledge

     The Indigenous Peoples of Oregon has a long history of Cultivating and Maintaining the land before Settler Contact. Trajectory defers the understanding of TEK to the Natural Resource Department of The Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs and The Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde. 

Settler History and City Development

     Our current focus of operations is based in Sandy Oregon. While we are not limited to the area, we defer local logging history to the Sandy Historical Society Museum.

     There are numerous other historic experts in the state of Oregon. We suggest checking out these two for a start.

We also strongly suggest everyone listens to "Timber Wars" by Oregon Public Broadcasting. We believe the representation of all parties was done wonderfully.

You can also listen to "Talking Timber" by Diane Metler. from Siviculture Experts to entry level career exploration and Wildland Firefighters to Drone Engineers set on quick Reforestation after Major Fires.

This is a great way to hear a variety of perspectives on a complex subject.