Community is the heart of Trajectory. 

      There are no jobs, no schools, no culture, and no city without a community supporting it.  We believe in supporting the community in many forms.  Currently, Trajectory is focused on public education through articles and traveling presentations. During two years of community research, we found one thing binds all lovers of the Oregon forest. Hikers, Foresters, Students, Fish/Hunters, Environmental Stewards, and more all tend to be inherently supportive communities. 

We are currently working on cleaning up and assisting with the management of the Byron Ball Forest in Sandy Oregon. Look here for coming events. 

Our specialty is in public education, training programs, and celebrations, but who knows what we might be able to help you out with. Give us a call if you have an idea or suggestion. Maybe we can arrange an educational tour for your Home School Group, maybe we can help your kids get into outdoor activities, maybe your nonprofit needs help from ours. It doesn't hurt to ask.

Sandy Invitational Chainsaw Carving (SICC)

August 26th, 8 am-6 pm

The first annual Sandy Invitational Chainsaw Carving event... Because chainsaws are SICC!

Bringing a dozen carvers to the Farmers Market in between HWY 26 to showcase skills and imagination. Come practice Forestry Skills with former OSU Competitive Forestry Team members on a pop-up timber field. Walking tours with arborists, vendors, and more.

Judged competition with a Quick Carve Silent Auction. 

Event Page HERE

East Ridge Church Community Planting Party

Join the Clackamas River Basin Council to help fight Urban Stream Syndrom at Sieben Creek. Trees protect our waterways from pollutants and our land from erosion.

Sign up HERE 

Sandy High School Forestry Club

3:15 pm to 4:45 pm Thursdays

1st, 2nd, and 4th Thursday of each month 

 Byron Ball Forest "Timber Field" 

(Near High School Baseball and Soccer Fields.)

Career Development Events in the Forestry Field 

based on Future Natural Resources Leaders (FNRL) standards.

*Must be SHS Student to attend.