Partners and Appreciation

Trajectory is supported by a broad community of government agencies, non-profits, and private businesses. Our network of presentors, educators, field trip hosts,  and industry professionals is the greatest resource we have

Clackamas County 

Trajectory received its initial Capital Funding through a Clackamas County Small Business Grant. We thank the County and the Public for supporting us. Public funds are integral to our functioning and so we truly do believe that Trajectory belongs to the community. 

Wayne Stone Logging

Wayne Stone Logging has been an invaluable partner and an inspiration. They have given supplies, training, and support to local schools and organizations; Trajectory would not exist without the continued support of these good-hearted and community-based people.

Sandy Historical Society Museum

The SHSM provides space, council, and donations to Trajectory and its affiliates. They are a resource to the community and you should go visit them; admission, tours, and research library are all free to the public.

Axis Range

Axis Range is a strong partner of Trajectory, supporting the High School Forestry Club, providing space for events, and materials for practice

Oregon Forest Resource Institute

OFRI is a resource of science based information and a hub of educational resources. Schools can contact them for grants to cover Forestry related field-trip travel expenses.